Alliance 885 Flotation Radial Implement Tires

Agricultural Radial Implement tire Engineered for Light Duty Applications like Balers, Grain Wagons, Cultivators, Fast Moving Small Agricultural Trailers, Wagons and Grassland Trailers.


  • High load carrying capacity and working speeds
  • High crown radius
  • Larger lug contact area at the tire center line
  • Rounded shoulders
  • High wear resistant tread compound
  • Lower rolling resistance
  • Strong bead bundle, with extra thick reinforced sidewall and a high turn up of plies around bead


  • Superior distribution of pressure on the surface
  • Provides maximum footprint area which adds to the flotation characteristics
  • Enables smooth and comfortable run on the road
  • Cause least possible damage of soil and plants
  • Enhances fuel efficiency of prime movers
  • Ensure excellent stability and protection against external damages


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