Wheel Assemblies

Farm Tire Warehouse offers several services to customers anywhere in the U.S. Looking for a tire and wheel assembly? Give us a call before you buy from our store and we will confirm the wheel size will match your tire.

Buy a wheel and tire together, and we can ship it already assembled, at no extra charge.

Tire Size Match

Needing a vintage rear tractor tire for your restoration project? Call Farm Tire Warehouse and our team can help you choose a new tire that can match your size and design requirements.

Tire Warranty

Farm Tire Warehouse provides proof of purchase with each transaction. We are able to offer manufacturer warranties on all tire and wheel brands where we are a dealer (Titan, Goodyear, Michelin, American Farmer and Alliance). Learn more about each warranty below:

Goodyear & Titan Farm

Features a 90-day satisfaction, no excuse warranty for agriculture tires. Stubble Protection is an additional option. Learn more.

Michelin Farm Tires

Offers 90-day satisfaction promise and a 9 year workmanship and materials warranty. Stubble damage is up to 3 years based on tire age, although there is no field hazard protection.

Firestone Farm Tires

Firestone uses a time schedule with warranty coverage reduced per year in service. Radial and bias tires have different warranty schedules and field hazard and stubble have even more reduced coverage. For example, A radial tire is fully covered after 2 years of service. However, in the third year only 70% of the cost is covered.

ATG & Alliance Tires

ATG which includes Alliance, Primex and Galaxy also uses a warranty schedule. 100% of workmanship and materials is covered within the first six months of purchase. For Alliance, 100% of field hazard and stubble damage is covered within the first six months. After six months, coverage is reduced by a percentage depending on the brand.

Tire Mounting & Local Delivery

For local customers in West Texas and the Panhandle, we often deliver a tire from our store headquarters. Need a tire mounted or a flat repaired in the field? We can bring a replacement and have you plowing, spraying, or harvesting in no time.

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