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Michelin 420/85R34 TL AGRIBIB

Agricultural Standard Profile R-1W Deep Lug Radial Rear Tractor Drive tire for All-around Service.


* Deep lugs, low slip and optimized rubber compounds help reduce wear * Sharp vertical lug design * Strong but super-flexible sidewalls allow a long footprint, putting more lugs in direct contact with the soil * Michelin's exclusive "self-cleaning hinge" between the lugs * Super-flat tread spreads the load evenly across a generous footprint * Low slip and ultra-low working pressures * Swept-back 45 degree lug design delivers a surprisingly smooth ride on the road * Uniform "round" construction plus Michelin's super-strong but ultra-flexible casing


* Long Tire Life * Retains traction even when 70% worn * Exceptional year round traction * Low Soil Compaction - Excellent Flotation * Exceptional Comfort in the field and on the road

Tire Specifications

Load Rating147
Speed RatingA8/B
Maximum Inflation0PSI

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