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Michelin VF 480/80R46 TL YIELDBIB

R-1W Agricultural Tractor Very High Flexion (VF) Radial tire.


* Michelin Ultraflex Technology * Longer footprint * R1W lugs and 45 degree lug angle design * Stubble deflecting lugs and an anti-stubble belt feature in the tread area


* Allows you to carry the same load with reduced air pressure of up to 40% compared to standard technology tires * Reduced soil compaction and increased yield in coming seasons * Provide better traction and less slippage in all seasons * Better traction means reduced fuel consumption, so you can work more efficiently - no matter the conditions * Specifically intended for stubble resistance, extending the life of the tire

Tire Specifications

Load Rating164
Speed RatingA8/B
Maximum Inflation0PSI

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