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Alliance 800/65R32 SG TL 360 SUPER POWER DRIVE R-1

Agricultural Extra Wide tire Available in Radial for Use on Agricultural Tractors and Combine Harvesters for Farming. A Steel-Belted Bias Variant is also offered for Use on Forestry Tractors.


Agricultural Tractor/Combine Harvester Radial: * Characterized by increased load capacity for the same inflation pressure * Low inflation pressure combined with large footprint * Effective traction/slip characteristics * Low angled lugs at the shoulder area with higher angles around tire center * Strong radial construction with reinforced beads and sidewalls Forestry Tractor Bias: * Steel-belted bias construction * Reinforced sidewall with additional rubber and textile layer * Built with forestry compounds and a tough sidewall for effective forestry use * Steel belt layers


Agricultural Tractor/Combine Harvester Radial: * Reduces soil compaction * Increased traction efficiency * Improve traction and improve ride comfort * Provide long tire life Forestry Tractor Bias: * Designed to provide excellent traction, puncture protection, low soil compaction and self-cleaning features * Provides excellent stability during forestry operations * Provide protection against punctures under severe working conditions in the forest

Tire Specifications

Load Rating178/175
Speed RatingA8/D
Load Capacity16500@25MPHpounds (lbs)
Maximum Inflation45PSI

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