Alliance 363 Agriflex IF Steel Belted

Improved Flexion (IF) and Very High Flexion (VF) Radial Tires for Tractors and Heavy and High Speed Self Propelled Sprayers.


  • IF and VF tire construction
  • Directional lug design divided into separated blocks
  • Larger number of blocks and high rubber to void tread ratio
  • Larger tire footprint area
  • Steel belted carcass structure


  • Enables working with higher tire deflation, providing up to 20% higher load carrying capacity for the same inflation pressure as regular tires
  • Provides excellent grip on soft surfaces
  • Ensures longer tread life, comfort and low rolling resistances during transport operation on hard surfaces
  • Provides higher traction, reduces fuel consumption and minimizes soil compaction
  • Ensures uniform ground pressure distribution, puncture protection and extended tread life


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